Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Amoda Tea Tasting ASMR (I get nothing from this so I'm just providing the information if you are interested).
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

ASMR Shadow Workshop

ASMR Shadow Workshop

Doing Shadow Work these past few months has healed places in my soul that I didn’t even know were hurting.  The most powerful thing I have found in doing Shadow Work is that I am able to easily get to the root of many of the everyday worries and aggravations that turn a regular day into misery.  These are believes that have controlled my life since I was a child, and have been around so long that I can’t even see them.  Shadow work allows me to see a different perspective on the world that I didn’t know existed.  It has radically changed my life and I hope it can change yours too.  Join me for my Shadow Workshop starting on January 20th, 2015.  Join a tribe of people all looking to make every day better. Buy Now

What is your shadow?  Your shadow is the part of yourself that you have tried to push away or ignore.  It is not necessarily good or bad, but it is a part of you that you don’t acknowledge.  Often as children we learn that we need to act a certain way and we therefore push any parts of ourselves that don’t fit that mold aside.   As adults we have the option to embrace those aspects of ourselves again and become whole!

As children we see the world as black and white.  If we have to act one way to be “good” than the opposite is “bad,” and needs to be suppressed.  Say you grew up in a household that valued quiet; being noisy and standing out may have been deemed as “bad.”  This is not some sinister plan set up by those raising you, just preference, but the result may be that as an adult you struggle to voice your opinions and stand out in a crowd.  

Some shadow aspects are caused by trauma, and we may learn some lessons that are very hard to undo.  Our brain may have learned that it is very unsafe to try and access these parts of our shadow.  We all learn these lessons while figuring out how to function in this world as children, in loving and not so loving families, from friends, teachers, extended families, books, and television, really anything that happens to touch and resonate in our young and malleable brains. 
We also can form shadow as adult but a fully formed adult brain has an easier time recognizing that we have formed a shadow.  Those parts still need to be accessed and reclaimed but the shadow formed as a child is harder to access.  Those shadows seem to have always been there and we don’t always remember their creation, so they seem to just be truth.  

What if we don’t access our shadow?  Often we lose important parts of ourselves and those parts may act out in order to get attention.  Have you ever had an angry outburst or a crying jag that was out of proportion to the situation?  That is usually your shadow trying to get your attention.  Accessing your shadow can feel scary but remember, it is already part of you, and often a part that needs healing in order to rejoin you as a supportive part of your whole psyche.  

Reaching for the shadow is an important process if we are going to become the whole adult we want to be.  We want to choose who we are, not have it dictated by someone else.  Often our shadow aspects are scared children who need a hug.  They need to be appreciated for how the tried to help us growing up and they need to know that they can come out and will be heard and supported.   The shadow will rear its head regardless of whether you acknowledge it.  Would you rather put your arms around your shadow and tell it you understand then have it periodically take over your body or prevent you from accessing some parts of your talent and abilities?  Don’t fear your shadow, it is you, but it is much easier to handle when you know it!

Do you have a part of yourself that you try to hide from others?  Maybe it is a part that makes you sad or embarrassed or arrives unexpectedly with outburst of anger or tears.  These parts are your shadow.  They are the parts that you learned could not be shared with the world or even with yourself.  In this workshop we will look to heal these parts and learn how to incorporate them to become whole.

Each Participant will Receive:
-Links to 7 live videos, each around an hour long
-Live readings for each participant every week
-Access to a private Facebook Group where we further discuss the written and video information and grow closer as a community
-PDF with all written material and all video links

Join my Tribe for a Wonderful Period of Growth, I can't wait to Journey with you.

Jessica Cross

Monday, November 24, 2014

Relaxing Autumn Meditation with Rabbit

I know I shared winter last week but my guides just gave me autumn as it isn't over yet!

It is a beautiful fall day and you are in a wood with colorful leaves covering the ground.  Not all of the leaves have fallen from the trees and the wood appears glowing with color from all directions.  You sit on the leaves in the middle of this wooded area; the trees around you are not very big so the sun pours down on you from above.  The ground below you is warm from the sun and you feel comfortable although the air is a bit cool.  As you sit you are approached by a rabbit.  The rabbit comes almost a foot away from you and looks at you as if it has something to tell you.  You try to understand what it is trying to tell you, as it also sits upon the leaves.  The rabbit looks towards the trees and you begin to hear the wind rustle the leaves. 

The sun shines down through the trees and you see it glint off of the water of a small stream.  You approach the stream and the rabbit follows you.  The rabbit looks pointedly at the water and sits.  You also sit and listen closely to the sound of the stream.  You hear the water running over the rocks and pebbles and you notice that the sounds are not repetitive and that they are constantly changing.  It is hard to tell the differences at first as it all just sounds just like running water but as you continue to listen and focus on the sounds of the stream you hear the slight changes to the sound of the water every time.  The rabbit looks at you again and you now know that this is the lesson he wanted to share. 

You know that the sounds of the stream apply to your own life.  If you pay close attention to your daily life you will notice the small changes that move you closer to your goal.  Autumn is not a time of rapid change.  It is a time for making small incremental progress toward your goal and paying close attention to what is happening around you as well as the internal changes that are occurring.  You thank rabbit for this lesson and continue to relax to the sound of the stream.

I hope to journey with you again soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Meaning of Winter Meditation

Find a place to get comfortable.  Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes.

We are walking in a small village and as you turn a corner you see a small public garden.  You enter the garden and although it is a bit cold you decide to sit for a bit and absorb the beauty of this place.  You sit on a stone bench and look around the garden.  The plants are coated with frost, although the sun is just starting to peek out from behind the clouds.  As the sun emerges, the frost and ice on the plants glow and sparkle making the whole garden come to life.  You see that even in this place that appears dormant and sleeping for the winter there is light and life.

Winter is a time of year to go within and reflect on what has occurred over the past year.  It is also a time to begin planning for the next year and allowing that light and life to start glowing from within you.

You start to shiver and decide to walk around the garden a bit.  The glowing plants look like sculptures and create a frozen fairy world.  As you walk around you reach out to touch a plant and it is cold and wet on your hands.  You look down where you touched and you see that this area no longer glistens.  It was not ready to move on yet and you are reminded that it is the same for you at this time.  Although you may glisten and glow you must wait a bit until it is warmer to start shaking off the frost and beginning to grow again.  Let this light inside percolate and let the rest of winter prepare you for the burst of energy you will need to grow anew.

You begin to exit the garden and see that an old woman is standing in a nearby doorway waving you towards her.  You walk near and she says that she saw you in the garden and wondered if you would like a warm drink.  She feels like a Grandmother to you and you redily accept.  You follow her in and she asks you to sit in the living room.  Soon she returns from the kitchen with hot chocolate for you and herself.  She asks you what brings you to the village, and you tell her that you were guided to this place.  She informs you that many are, and that this is the place to connect with winter.

You look closely at her and see a twinkle in her eye.  You realize that she is the Crone and that this is her place.  You are humbled by being invited into her home and even served by her.  You ask her if there is anything she needs from you.  She says that there is nothing at this time but she hopes you will visit again and that there may be something in the future.  You ask if she has anything to tell you.  She says that you learned most of what you need from the garden but she tells you to use the internal light of winter to incubate the person you want to be in the coming year.  This is the time to look at what you no longer want to be and begin to move forward into what you hope to become.  Don't push aside what you would like to change but learn to use these aspects in a way that moves you forward instead of keeping you back.  She asks you to think about this over the coming months and what is needed will become clear.

Thank her sincerely for her time and hospitality.  She escorts you to the door and you leave reluctantly but know that you can return at any time.  You walk through the village without looking back and feel the true amazement of the encounter you just had.  Bring this feeling of gratitude and wonder with you for the rest of the day and even longer if you can as you return to your body and open your eyes.

This was written while in meditation and it is what spirit asked me to bring you this evening.  I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to journey with you more in the future.  You can connect with a group of like-minded folk by asking to join the "ASMR Relaxation Group" on Facebook, or find me on


Friday, November 7, 2014

Turning of the Wheel Thanks

I can’t believe how different my life is from a year ago.  One year ago I was struggling to maintain a mindfulness meditation practice that usually felt like a chore and had never let spirit guide me in meditation.  I had not started taking probiotics and still felt anxious about little silly things in my life.  I now meditate 3-4 times a day just for the joy of learning from and receiving support from my guides.  I still worry about major things when they come along but spirit helps guide me so I feel confident dealing with those as well.  The little things that won’t mean anything in a few months I don’t even think about, and this is coming from someone who has struggled with anxiety her whole life.  

Please start taking probiotics if you struggle with any kind of anxiety issues, they have changed my life.  You can get cheaper generic versions or buy them at wholesale stores like Costco.  Get ones with 50 billion cultures and take them daily.  If they don’t help you will know, but I can tell when I have missed them for a few days because all of a sudden I’m worrying about things I haven’t thought about in weeks.  

Start a daily meditation practice.  If you can do mindful meditation where you try to quiet your mind, more power to you and you are gifted.  I know that the act of trying to quiet your mind and not actually quieting your mind is what is important, but it just makes me want to quit, and in this busy world if I don’t enjoy meditating, I won’t.   If you are like me please try guided meditations, either that you listen to or that you let your own guides take you on. 

If you want help on how to do this you can join us tomorrow at the Sacred Space Workshop but no matter what means you use, find something that works for you.  If you need some help don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  I am so grateful for how much my life has changed and if this can help anyone else I would love to point you in the right direction.  

I want to also send a big Thank You to everyone in my Chakra and ASMR Relaxation Facebook groups.  You are my tribe and your support keeps me going when it’s not so easy.  I feel so blessed each day to have people to reach out to with such varied and beautiful gifts.  The fact that none of you were in my life last year astounds me.  There are people who you meet and immediately they are family.  That is how I feel about my workshop group.    Big love from me and my guides (they helped a bit with the wording).  I can’t wait to start another powerful journey with some of you tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Magical Flower Guided Meditation

This is a meditation to help you relax and grow.  I have written this while in meditation with my guides and hope you find it helpful.  

Please find a comfortable place to sit or lay down, and take some deep long breaths.  Let go of any worries of the day.  This is time for you and not a place to think about any of your concerns.  You need time to relax and care for yourself so you can be good to others in your life.  Meditation is the best way to quiet the mind and connect with deeper parts of yourself and the energies of the world.  If you are ready, try to relax your muscles and mind to enter this time of meditation.

Find yourself walking through a beautiful garden.  The flowers are all in bloom and the scent is strong and pungent.  You walk through the garden smelling and touching the various flowers until you find one that seems to call to you from across the garden.  It seems to glow as you walk towards it.   As you get closer you seem to hear a whisper from the flower.   You bend down to smell this flower and the whisper seems louder.   You turn your head so your ear is above the flower and you can now hear what the flower is saying.  The flower tells you it has a message for you from Mother Earth.  The message is that, “As you care for yourself you care for her.”  We are all One, so caring for you is a spiritual act and it helps to heal and nurture the earth and all the creatures on it.  

You turn your head to ask the flower a question that has been preying on your mind.  Just one question, and as you turn your head to place your ear over the flower, the flower whispers one word in answer.  You may need to take time to think about how this one word answers your question but it definitely does.  Thank the flower and you may kiss a petal in farewell if that feels right to you. 
Know that each flower has a story for you if you just know how to listen.   Each flower can give you answers from Mother Earth if you open your heart and just ask.  You walk around the garden a bit more, savoring the beautiful colors and the smells.  You feel content in the knowledge that you have received.  

Exit the garden and begin to feel yourself in the room where you are sitting of laying down.  Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you feel ready, you can open your eyes.

I look forward to another journey with you soon.